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New Market Research On Scooters and Mopeds - US - December 2012

Scooters and Mopeds - US - December 2012

The scooter and moped market has benefited from the increase in gas prices since the start of the recession in 2008. This may not be enough to expand this market in the U.S. significantly, but has generated interest among consumers who had previously never considered them or just seen them as a recreational or lifestyle vehicle.”

Table Of Contents

What you need to know
Data sources
Consumer survey data
Abbreviations and terms

Market factors
Rise in fuel prices creating opportunity for scooter/moped makers
Figure 1: U.S. regular conventional retail gasoline prices, third week in November, 2002-12
Americans driving cars less, providing opportunity for scooters/mopeds
Figure 2: Consumer vehicle miles traveled, all U.S. roads and streets, 1998-2011
Electric scooters will help drive future scooter/moped sales
The consumer
Most people do not own scooters/mopeds; scooter penetration higher
Figure 3: Scooter and moped ownership, new or used, by gender, September 2012
Majority of scooter/moped owners prefer riding weekly
Figure 4: Frequency of riding scooter/moped, by gender, September 2012
Male scooter/moped owners more likely than women to buy for long travel
Figure 5: Reasons for purchasing a scooter/moped, by gender, September 2012
Owners purchase, and then use, scooters/mopeds for fun, errands
Figure 6: Reasons for purchasing a scooter/moped and what the scooter/moped is used for now, September
Performance, price, fuel economy top factors influencing purchase
Figure 7: Factors influencing scooter/moped purchasing, by gender, September 2012
When scooter/moped owners evangelize about vehicles, they praise gas savings
Figure 8: How consumers would recommend scooters/mopeds to friends, by gender, September 2012
What we think

How the “new normal” of rising fuel prices creates a new potential consumer base
Can the U.S. market emulate those countries with ingrained scooter/moped culture?
Is marketing scooters/mopeds as lifestyle accessories a mistake?

Personalization through accessorizing/limited-edition co-branding
Sponsor group tours or partner with touring operators to provide fleets
Scooter fleets for public, private security
Design-enhanced brand of scooters to appeal to luxury market

Inspire trend: Brand Review
Inspire trend: Play Ethic
Inspire 2015 Trends
East Meets West

Escalating fuel prices forcing consumers to consider alternative transit
Figure 9: U.S. regular conventional retail gasoline prices, third week in November, 2002-12
Declines in vehicle use reflect consumer hesitation at gas pump
Figure 10: Consumer vehicle miles traveled, all U.S. roads and streets, 1998-2011
Electric scooters will help drive future market sales
Consumer sentiment rising, but lower than pre-recession levels
Figure 11: University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment, November 1978-2012

Key points

Majority own a Honda scooter or moped
Figure 12: Brand of scooter/moped owned, by gender, September 2012
Honda, Yamaha ownership highest among 18-44 year olds
Figure 13: Brand of scooter/moped owned, by age, September 2012
Middle-income groups key to the market
Figure 14: Brand of scooter/moped owned, by household income, September 2012
Vespa, Genuine ownership skews in the Northeast
Figure 15: Brand of scooter/moped owned, by region, September 2012

Honda Powersports
Figure 16: Honda North America motorcycle unit sales, 2008-12
Yamaha Sport
Piaggio Group
Suzuki Cycles
Kymco USA
Genuine Scooter Co.

Scoot Networks transitions car sharing concept to scooters
Boutique scooter company endorses community through group rides
Mercedes-Benz electric scooter designed with branded car features
Piaggio introduces model with third wheel to emphasize safety

Strategy: Membership club creates inclusiveness among brand owners
Strategy: Aligning scooters with outreach efforts that promote community
Strategy: Positioning the scooter as a conduit for fashion, fun, freedom
Figure 17: Vespa, November 2012
Strategy: Emphasizing cost savings in exchange for thrills
Figure 18: Suzuki “Buy and Ride” ad, April 2012
Strategy: Capturing the feel of driving a scooter
Figure 19: Vespa LX and S 3V video, June 2012
Strategy: Comically showing how scooter ownership can change your life
Figure 20: Honda “Color My World Part I” video, February 2010
Figure 21: Honda “Color My World Part II” video, February 2010

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