Friday, June 21, 2013

Passive Component Industry Report, 2012-2013

The report highlights the followings: Brief Introduction to Passive Components;  Passive Component Industry & Market Segments-Capacitor, Inductor and Resistor;  Main Downstream Markets of Passive Components-Cell Phone, PC, Notebook PC and Tablet Computer;  24 Passive Component Companies;  The passive component industry is estimated to generate the output value of USD21.7 billion in 2013, of which, the capacitor business will contribute around USD14.4 billion or 66%, the resistor about USD2 billion, the inductor roughly USD3 billion, and the magnetic component will generate USD1.2 billion or so.  The passive component industry is widespread in Japan, Taiwan, United States, Chinese Mainland and Southeast Asia. In particular, Japan holds overwhelming superiority, with the market share hitting 52%. With the substantial depreciation of the Japanese yen, the market share of Japan is expected to get further increased. By contrast, the market share

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