Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Memory Industry Report, 2013

Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2013 consists of the following contents: Brief introduction to global semiconductor industry Market analysis of DRAM and NAND Major memory vendors Major memory packaging and test vendors No digital electronics can do without memory. Memory can be basically classified into RAM and FLASH. The former is Processor Unit, offering Cache and falling into Commodity DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Embedded RAM. FLASH consists of NOR and NAND, used for storage of Data or Code. Presently, NOR is mostly applied to Embedded field, and seldom used independently. Memory industry is highly concentrated. In NAND field, five vendors dominate the whole global market. From perspective of sales by brand, in 2013Q1, SAMSUNG occupied 37.1% market share, Toshiba 28.9%, Micron 13.7%, SK Hynix 12.7% and Intel 8.6%. Seen from revenue by company, in 2012, global NAND vendors achieved revenue of USD28,995 million, of which, SAMSUNG held 36.8%, Toshiba and San

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