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Leisure Time - China - September 2013

Published Date » 2013-09-23
No. Of Pages » 153

Due to the slowing consumer economy in China, competition is increasing in many leisure services sectors, and this is forcing leisure service providers to look beyond their immediate consumer bases and develop more business among middle and lower income groups, and in lower tier cities.

Report structure

Executive Summary
Key trends
Consumer leisure spending weaker amid economic uncertainty
Figure 1: Urban per capita household leisure services spending, 2007-11
Choosing and planning leisure activities
Figure 2: Frequency of spending leisure time, by type of activity in the past 12 months, July 2013
Making more time for leisure, and spending more on it
Figure 3: Changes in the amount of time spent on leisure by type of activity compared to 12 months ago, July 2013
Fitting leisure into a work-life balance
Figure 4: Average time people spend on leisure time during the week and at weekends in the past 12 months, July 2013
What we think

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