Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Global Display Driver IC Industry Report, 2013

The report includes the following aspects: Display driver IC market Flat panel display market Ten display driver IC vendors Eleven small and medium-sized display and driver IC vendors The current decline in the ASP of driver IC is attributed to many factors, including: The display driver IC integration density continues to rise Driver IC is made by 12-inch fabs with the 90-nanometer process at high output efficiency Many vendors are willing to adopt RAM-Less driver IC in order to save costs. In 2013, the display driver IC market will see the highest growth rate of 14.4% in the past five years and value USD7,111 million. The growth rate is expected to be 8.0% in 2014. The substantial growth is mainly boosted by mobile phones, whether smart phones or ordinary phones, whose screen resolution is soaring, which makes the high-end driver IC shipment surge. Compared 1,040 models of mobile phones launched in 2012 with 759 models unveiled from January 1, 2013 t

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