Thursday, November 21, 2013

Global and China CMOS Camera Module Industry Report, 2013

This report involves the followings: Brief introduction to the CMOS camera module industry   CMOS camera module market research Analysis on CMOS imager sensor vendors   Analysis on lens vendors   Analysis on CCM vendors   The growth rate of cell phone camera pixels slows down, or even declines in 2013. Apple's iPhone 5S still employs 8-megapixel, instead of 13-megapixel adopted by other top cell phone vendors. In addition, several Chinese star models such as MEIZU's MX3 and BBK's Vivo X3 also have the respective resolution of 8-megapixel, indicating that the competition may shift from pixel value to pixel size. MX3 is equipped with Sony IMX179 Sensor and has the pixel size of 1.4μm; Vivo X3 is installed with Samsung 3H7 Image Sensor and has the same pixel size as MX3. HTC ONE utilizes ST's VD6869 sensor chip with the pixel size of 2.0μm which was called as Ultral Pixel. Unless a 13-megapixel sensor with a greater pixel size is launched, Appl

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