Thursday, June 6, 2013

OTC Drug Market, 2013-2017

Since OTC drugs are mainly used by consumers without a physicians prescription in treating certain common ailments which are easy for self-diagnosis and self-treatment, the structure of their terminal market is relatively stable. The Top 4 categories of OTC drugs in Chinese market include cough and cold medications and anti-allergic agents, recuperated drugs, vitamins & minerals and tonic drugs as well as febrifuges and painkillers. The features of OTC drugs determine that this industry has low technical barriers and low entrant requirements. As a result, in China, there are many OTC drug manufacturing enterprises, most of which are small and medium enterprises with insufficient capital and non-advanced techniques. Besides, the homogeneity of the products is serious so that it is difficult to establish brand images.  Compared with that of countries with advanced medicine levels, China OTC drug industry is featured by late start, fast growth and huge potential.According

Original Post Research Report on Chinas OTC Drug Market, 2013-2017

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