Monday, June 17, 2013

PV Inverter Industry 2011 Deep Research Report

2011 Deep Research Report on China PV Inverter Industrywas professional and depth research report on China PV Inverter industry.  Firstly, the report has introduced PV Inverter basic information such as grid off-grid string central pv inverter definition classification and manufacturing process product specifications.  Then introduced China 20 manufacturers PV Inverter capacity production cost selling price profit production value profit margin etc details information of each company,and different power 1000KW above (including 1000KW), 500KW (500-1000KW), 250KW (250-500KW), 100KW (100-250KW), 100KW or less (not included 100KW), with different specifications (centralized group of string type, component type), different types (grid off-grid) and annual production of PV inverters 2009-2015 and market share, then introduced the PV inverter supply and demand gap in the amount, and introduced the PV inverter price, cost, profit margin and output information.And also in

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