Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wind Farm Operators 2012 Deep Research Report

2012 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operators was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Farm Operation industry.  In this report we focus on China domestic market and make comprehensive and objective reflection of China's current status of wind farm operation. We also make a forecast of China Wind power market. At first, we make an introduction of the background knowledge of wind farm operation, including wind farm site selection and layout etc, then make a detailed analysis of China national wide wind power installed distribution, and introduce the wind farm operators systematically. Top 15 wind farm operators were detail analysis including their new wind farms, installed Capacity (MW), wind turbine suppliers, WTG models, lifting time etc.  In addition, we also made analysis on China wind power policy and development plan. In the second chapter of the report, we made a statistics of China Top 15 wind farm operators' cumulative installe

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