Sunday, July 7, 2013

Natural Gas & Shale Gas Industry Report, 2012-2015

Natural gas consists of conventional natural gas and unconventional natural gas. Shale gas is included in unconventional natural gas. Compared with conventional natural gas, shale gas is featured with low abundance, low porosity and permeability, low recovery ratio, large reserves and long lifespan of a single well. The global shale gas resources are mainly distributed in North America and Asia. In 2011, the exploitable shale gas resources in North America and Asia accounted for 29% and 27% respectively. The United States is the earliest and most successful country in the development of shale gas. In 2011, its shale gas output shared 27.8% of the country's natural gas output, thereby making its self-sufficiency rate of natural gas rise to 94.4% and its import volume drop significantly. The success of the United States has prompted the world's major countries to enhance shale gas exploration and development. China always uses coal as energy. In China's energy cons

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