Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewage Treatment Industry 2013 Market Research Report

Report writer has technical background of sewage treatment industry, and has a better understanding of the development of the industry. The report first detailed introduce the sewage treatment process, equipment and various process cost structure and technical characteristics and cost share, then introduced more than 1,500 sewage treatment plants in Chinese 30 provinces, their sewage treatment process, production time, processing power, actual processing capacity and processing efficiency, etc, and detailed introduce Chinese TOP10 sewage treatment plant, their sewage treatment capacity and price cost profit margin, etc.  Also introduced the domestic key sewage treatment engineering company, sewage treatment project cost, sewage treatment equipment company and equipment prices, and describes some sewage treatment project, engineering company, equipment company and their cooperation relationship, and then conducted a statistical analysis and research summary to sewage processes

Original Post China Sewage Treatment Industry 2013 Market Research Report

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