Friday, April 19, 2013

Chinas Middle and High End Pork Market Competition

In China, meat consumption mainly is pork, and pork accounts for more than 60% residentsᅡメ meat consumption. With the growth of resident income, rapid population growth and urbanization and the promotion of strong pork consumption custom of China's people, total consumption of pork in China will increase continuously. However, BOABCᅡメs research finds that China's pork consumption structure is changing gradually with the decreasing of pedlars' market and the changing of peopleᅡメs habit of buying vegetables and meat. People with higher income begins reducing ordinary pork consumption slowly, while their consumption of middle and high end pork which features long fattening period, good taste, safety, health and brand starts increasing. The classification of pork consumption brings about the classification and differentiated development of hog raising industry. So since 2009, China's endemic pigs raising and hogs raised through long-term fattening, ecological breeding and

Original Post Research Report on Chinas Middle and High End Pork Market Competition

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