Friday, April 19, 2013

Chinas Pet Food Market Competition

In 1993, Pedigree dog food and Whiskas cat food produced by Mars entered into China, opening the curtain of China's professional pet food market, signifying the birth of China's pet food industry and also driving the rapid development of China's entire pet industry. In March, 2001, Chengdu Care-Pet Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tongwei Group, was established and the production of its first bag of pet food signifies that China's local pet food brand begins to enter into the pet food industry. In a decade, China's pet food industry has experienced great China's from the initial OEM production in small workshop to the current large-scale operation of famous brands. China's local pet food enterprises completed the upgrading and developed four types of products, including dry food, wet food, snack food and nutrient for pets. The sales revenue has exceeded 1.5 billion Yuan, and market scale is still increasing by over 15% on average each year, which is far above the global average growth

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