Friday, April 19, 2013

Special Research Report on China Dairy Cow Farm

The occurrence of China's baby formula scandal has triggered the need for scaled dairy farming across the country. During the recent years, the State Council has kept on promulgating new policies in support of the scaled farming of dairy cattle. In September 2007, the State Council issued a document titled Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Sustained and Healthy Development of Dairy Industry (G.F.?2007?No. 31).  The document says: "Efforts shall be stepped up to accelerate the scaled, intensive and standardized development of the farming sector by means of developing scaled farming neighborhoods (dairy farms) so as to gradually solve the problem of the dairy cattle farming being small and scattered.  The agricultural authorities shall speed up efforts in formulating standards for scaled farming of dairy cattle, and the proportion of scaled dairy farming shall be increased remarkably by 2012." In November 2008, the Planning Outline for Regulating and Rev

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