Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Agricultural Products 2013

Brief Introduction to Yearbook on China's Agricultural Products 2013 Composed by a professional agriculture consulting company ,Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants Limited (CNAGRI), Yearbook on China's Agricultural Products 2013 (China's edition and English edition) will be issued in 2013. This is the first Yearbook on China's agricultural products that is composed fully in compliance with the international standard statistical format. The Yearbook is especially for governments, research institutions and agricultural enterprises in China and foreign countries to be acquainted with the China's situation of agricultural products. Yearbook on China's Agricultural Products 2013 has a complete range of data on outputs, consumption volumes, imports & exports, international market occupation ratio, prices, geographical distributions, etc. of 80 agricultural products in the past 5-10 years and analyses have also been made. This yearbook is a non-publication, and it is compo

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