Monday, May 27, 2013

And Global Piano Industry Report, 2012-2013

Since 2008, the financial crisis, the fall in the birth rate and other unfavorable factors has impacted on major traditional piano consumer markets such as Europe, America and Japan, while China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging countries have showed increasing demand for pianos. The global piano production and consumption are transferring from Europe, America and Japan to emerging markets, especially China has become the world's largest piano producer and consumer. In 2012, China's piano output reached 379,746 units, accounting for 76.9% of the global piano output; in 2010-2012, the piano import volume surpassed the export volume in China, helping China be a leading piano importer in the world. Based on the supply & demand and the competitive structure in the global and China piano industry, the report makes a profound analysis on market development, brand management and capacity expansion of major domestic and foreign piano manufacturers. Yamaha Group i

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