Friday, May 31, 2013

Gas Industry Report

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings:  Brief introduction to GaAs Industry overview of GaAs Downstream market of GaAs Analysis on mobile phone RF system  Study on 19 GaAs vendors  In 2013H1, the biggest news in GaAs industry lay in QUALCOMM's introduction of CMOS PA in Feb, corresponding to LTE. That once again initiated the war between CMOS and GaAs. Yet, most people believe that, QUALCOMM did that only to increase competitiveness of its Baseband, not grab market of GaAs vendors.  CMOS PA showed up before 2000, but has not been available in volume and only used in 2G field presently, mainly due to the difficulty to find balance between costs and performance. Yet, it seems that RF360 of QUALCOMM wants to break through the limitation. QUALCOMM is a large mobile phone Baseband vendor, whose revenue comes mainly from 3G and 4G telecommunication patent and Baseband, and is expected to get USD24.5 billion in 2013. Am

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