Monday, May 6, 2013

Global Automotive Wheel Industry Report

The report highlights the followings: Global Automotive Market  China Automotive Market  Global Automotive Wheel Market and Industry  China Automotive Wheel Market and Industry 32 Aluminum Wheel Makers and 5 Steel Wheel Makers In 2012, the world's PLT output hit 67.6 million, with the popularity rate of aluminum wheel as high as 66%. The estimate suggests that the world's PLT output in 2013 will register 68.9 million with the penetration rate of aluminum wheel soaring to 67%. In 2012, OEM aluminum wheel shipment approximated 185 million, and the shipment of AM aluminum wheel reached 21 million pcs. In 2012, the world's aluminum wheel market scale approached around USD12.9 billion, while the targeted figure in 2013 will increase to USD13.7 billion.  At the end of 2012, China's aluminum wheel capacity approached 180 million pcs, while the sales volume surpassed 120 million pcs, with the capacity utilization above 70%. In partic

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